The kingdom of Al’Terra have barely had two generations of peace, ever since the treaty with the Ultiva tribes that live in the wilds.

After a period of civil war, and a border territory skirmishes with their southern neighbors, Dra’ton and the Ultiva tribes to the east, Al’Terra, Dra’ton, and the surrounding territories came under a prolonged attack by Orcs and hobgoblins.

The Al’Terran forces managed to drive out the invaders, but at a great cost and only with the help of the tribes as allies. After defeating the invaders, King Leonidas honored the pact he made with the Tribes and granted the lands beyond the Eastern Treeline to the tribes. The tribes swore allegiance to Al’Terra and they will have the support of the Royal Guards and Army should they be attacked. However, Al’Terren guards will not interfere with cross -tribal squabble. Likewise, The Tribes will not interfere with Kingdom politics.

Al’Terra is a landlocked kingdom, with neighbors to the north and south, mountains to the west and forests to the the east, beyond the farm lands and fields. Their southern neighbors, Dra’ton,


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